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Our family care home located in Taylor Mill, KY, is different. We provide 24/7 care within our family care home and respite care. We also provide a small environment with more one-on-one care for our residents. We provide TRUE person-centered care with a customized care plan for each resident. Our focus is be collaboration, inclusion, and purpose for the residents, while giving families peace of mind. This includes treating them first as a person, supporting them in daily activities of living, encouraging independence, and socialization in a family setting. We are changing the world, one person at a time. Our philosophy is that families deserve a better choice for their loved ones living with brain change.


Our person-centered care program model provides families with the peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving genuine, quality care.  This would include fostering a smaller community so they can live every moment of their lives and not be limited by their brain change/dementia. When families see genuine care being provided their role can shift back to that of a family member and less of a caregiver.

Our concept provides:

  • Peace of mind

  • Inclusion

  • A sense of purpose

  • Daily exercise including crossing the midline

  • Encourages independence

  • Circadian rhythm awareness

Family Care Home & Respite

  • Establish a personalized routine

  • Onsite certified Positive Approach to Care trainer

  • Staff trained how to work with people with brain change (dementia)

  • Home cooked meals

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